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MityCCD-H11501IR-enhanced CCD camera


The MityCCD-H11501 camera features Hamamatsu’s S11501-1007S back-thinned, area scan CCD image sensor with enhanced near infrared (NIR) sensitivity. The sensor’s superior performance at wavelengths longer than 800 nm delivers advantages for photometric applications beyond the previous generation of CCDs. This sensitivity is enabled by the unique MEMS structure on the back of the sensor, created using Hamamatsu’s proprietary laser processing technology.

The MityCCD camera delivers all the features of the Hamamatsu sensor including high sensitivity, binning operation, high signal to noise and signal processing speed, with a built-in thermoelectric cooler. The camera is available in multiple OEM configurations.


  • Enhanced NIR sensitivity
  • 1024 x 122 active pixels
  • Large pixel size: 24 x 24 micron
  • High quantum efficiency
  • Wide spectral response range
  • TE-Cooled to -15°C
  • On-board image processing with DSP and FPGA
  • Open and Enclosed body styles
  • MityViewer software for setup, acquisition, viewing, and data analysis


  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Low-light Imaging Applications
  • Embedded Instrumentation
  • Portable Scientific Instrumentation
  • Astronomy
  • Industrial Inspection



Sensor Specification

Type Back-illuminated CCD
Pixel Size 24 um x 24 um
Image Area 24.56mm x 2.92mm
Pixel Array 1024 x 122
Well Capacity
320 k e¯ (typical – vertical)
Well Capacity
1000 k e¯  (typical – horizontal)
Dark Current
1.5 e¯/pixel/sec  (@ -15 °C)

System Noise

Noise (typ)
12 e¯ RMS @ 500 KHz

Data Acquisition & Binning Modes

Area Read
Full image and sub-area (any rectangular region of the CCD)
Full Binning
Standard CCD binning (all CCD rows summed in read-out register)
Partial Binning
Some rows summed in CCD and partial results summed in MityDSP
Area Mask Binning
Vertical and horizontal binning in MityDSP
Multiple Binning Patterns
Multiple Binning patterns stored in memory and swapped in as directed on a cycle basis

On-board Processor (MityDSP)

CPU Engine
Floating-point DSP, FPGA, FLASH, SDRAM (up to 32MB)
Full Featured SDK
Supports rapid application development
Peak finding, signature analysis, general purpose computing, etc.


Thermo-electric to -15 °C (from 20 °C ambient) +/- .1 °C



Ambient Temperature Range
0°C to +50°C
< 80%, non-condensing
Storage Temperature Range
 -40°C to +65°C


110V / 220V or 12-24 VDC

Quantum Efficiency








Block Diagram




USB Supports USB 2.0
Supports full TCP / UDP stack over 10 / 100 Base T
Digital I/O
Supports external triggering and control of outboard devices


Dimensions (Enclosed Body)
94mm x 101mm x 99mm  (3.71″ x 4.00″ x 3.90″)
Weight (Enclosed Body)
750g  (26 oz.)

Development Tools and Software


Camera Model Body Style Image Area Active Pixels Buy
Width (mm) Height (mm) Horizontal Vertical
MityCCD-H11501-1007-BS Open Frame 24.56 2.92 1024 122 Buy
MityCCD-H11501-1007-DS Enclosed Body 24.56 2.29 1024 122 Buy

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