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After a decade, there’s a new Arm architecture

Early this year, after nearly a decade since the release of the Armv8, Arm introduced its new Armv9 architecture. This new architecture is in response to the ever-increasing demand for the specialized processing required to keep up with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things, AI applications, and 5G.
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When the chips are down…

Even if you haven’t been directly impacted – at least not yet – if you’re reading this post, you’re most likely aware of the current chip shortage.
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So far, purely autonomous vehicles have proved to be problematic other than under perfect conditions: fine weather, the road clear as far as the eye can see, no heedless pedestrians stepping off the curb while texting…
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In the market for a new TV?

If you're in the market for new TV, there's the C SEED M1. It's $400,000, which admittedly is a lot, but the watching experience is said to be "breathtaking."
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What’s trending in technology for 2021

It's till not too late to take a look at the technology trends for the new year. So here’s my summarization of the trends list created by Anis Uzzaman on Inc.
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