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More on the tech behind the moon landing

In observance of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, I wrote a post on the technology that got our astronauts there. (Lots of technology behind the moon landing.) A week or so later, I saw another article in EE Times (this one by George Leopold) on the subject, with a slightly different […]
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How smart is your city?

One of the most interesting and rapidly growing application areas for the Internet of Things (IoT) is the development of smart cities. Smart cities use sensors to collect data, and then use that data to make sure that their resources – lighting, power, traffic control, policing, etc. – are optimally deployed. Smart cities promise to […]
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Lots of technology behind the moon landing

With the celebration of July’s 50th anniversary of the moon landing, I’ve been reading a lot about Apollo 11, especially the technology involved in it all. What’s most interesting is how primitive by current standards the technology that got astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins to the moon, and Armstrong and Aldrin onto […]
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Thanks for the memories, implants

Researchers have long been working on brain implants that will help with memory loss. Now devices that can restore memory-generation capability for those who’ve suffered traumatic brain injuries are closer to becoming a reality.
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Ro, ro, ro your boat

I’ve had an interest in robotics, dating back to my grad school days. So naturally I was intrigued by a recent article I saw on Futurism about how MIT scientists, funded by the city of Amsterdam are building “self-piloting” mini-barges — “Roboats” — “to cruise its canals and make better use of waterways that have […]
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How technology saved – and will restore – Notre Dame Cathedral

Like most of the world, I was saddened by the devastating fire that did so much damage to Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris last month. You don’t have to have been to this magnificent building, nor do you have to be religious, to be heartened that the damage was contained and the building will be […]
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