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Taking a fantastic voyage with magnetic slime

Magnetic slime may sound like something your kids clamor for, but magnetic miniatured “soft-bodied” robots based on silicone or fluids (ferrorfluid or liquid metal) can be used for applications like minimally-invasive surgery and targeted drug delivery.
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Water, water everywhere

access to safe water isn’t universal, and while estimates vary, there are likely well over a billion people who lack clean water. Water purification technologies matter, and can hopefully be deployed to make clean water more widely available. Here are five of the latest ones, listed on Water Technology.
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A bit of Silicon Valley history

EE Times is kicking off its Golden Anniversary celebration with a series by Malcolm Penn on the roots of the industry, focusing on Silicon Valley where so many things began.
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RFusion: the robot that locates AND retrieves your lost items

Thanks to researchers at MIT, there’s a robot that will not just locate your lost whatever, but will fetch it for you – even when your lost whatever is out of sight: stuck between the couch cushions, in a stack of papers on your desk, in that pile of clothes that have been piling up on the chair in the bedroom.
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Tech predictions for 2022

As a new year begins, I’m always interested in seeing what the prognosticators are prognosticating will happen over the next twelve months. So I was more than happy to wander around seeing what different sites had to say about what they’re foreseeing for 2022.
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