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Superconductivity has long been the Holy Grail of materials science...Unfortunately, superconductivity so far has only occurred at ultracold temperatures (or under extreme pressure), which means it has had limited application when it came to everyday usage. That may be about to change.
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AI isn’t quite human-like. Yet. But it’s getting closer

There’s been plenty of buzz in the last month or so about AI chatbots. And there’s no doubt about it, AI is making chatbots more human-like. Still, it looks like we still have a bit of time before the human race is completely replaced by machines.
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Technology Breakthroughs, 2023

The current issue (Jan-Feb) of the MIT Technology Review is focused on ten breakthrough technologies that they’re keeping an eye on for 2023. Overall, an interesting list. Here are the technologies that caught my attention.
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After 9/11, and the destruction of the Twin Towers, the consensus among engineers and architects was that the Age of the Skyscraper had ended. It hadn’t. In fact, in the post-9/11 decades, buildings have gotten even taller.
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Tech Trends for 2023

One of my favorite things to do when the new year is starting is to roam around looking at what the tech prognosticators are prognosticating for the coming year.
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EE Times turns 50 – Hall of Fame Part 2

As part of EE Time’s 50th anniversary celebration, they’ve created a virtual “Hall of Fame” for engineers “who have helped make the industry safer and cleaner!”
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