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Tech Toys for the Tech Kids on Your Holiday Shopping List

Even though my kids are grown, and there are as yet no little tech grandkids running around, as the holiday season approaches each year, the kid in me still likes to take a look at what’s hot when it comes to tech toys for kids.
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Autonomous Vehicles: Myths according to Philip Koopman

EE Times recently had a provocative article by Carnegie Mellon associate professor Philip Koopman. While Koopman definitely sees the potential benefits of AVs, he argues that AV technology is still “immature”, and that AV industry campaigning to keep regulatory oversight at a minimum is wrong-headed.
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Technology that’s strictly for the birds

When I think of birding, I picture someone with binoculars around their neck, a field guide to birds in their hand, and a birdcall in their pocket. As with so many aspects of life, technology now plays a big role, and when it comes to birding, well, there’s an app for that.
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A spinout of Harvard's Wyss Institute, Emulate develops clear plastic chips that can simulate human organs. They're used to test out drugs without having to use animal guinea pigs.
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We’ve come a long way since Smokey the Bear

Technology is being increasingly deployed for fire-spotting. Some of the systems being used are satellite-based, or are optical solutions that search for smoke. Emerging systems are sensor and IoT based.
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Rock-a-Bye Baby, brought to you by the Internet of Things

And now there’s the Snoo, a $1,500 AI-robotic bassinet that helps babies (and their folks) get some much-needed sleep. The Snoo wasn’t around when I was a new dad, but – although I’m just reading about it now (no grandkids yet!) – it’s been available for a few years now.
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