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Battery Progress

Across the boards in the tech world, things do tend to get smaller, faster, cheaper, and smarter. So it has been in the battery world.
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At Critical Link, we spend a lot of time thinking about processors, and some of that thinking is around ARM vs. RISC-V Instruction Set Architectures, or ISA’s, which are basically the go-between between hardware and software.
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Space age technology

I was a science-y, tech-y kid I was, of course, interested in the space program. Science-y, tech-y kids grow up to be science-y, tech-y adults, so naturally, I kept an eye on the February 22 lunar landing of the Odysseus.
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Technology for the Heart

It’s Valentine’s Day, so thoughts naturally turn to matters of the heart. And at Critical Link, that means matters of cardiovascular technology.
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Second-hand reporting from CES 2024

Each year, I pay a vicarious visit to CES, the mega consumer technology show held in Las Vegas each January. So I worte about some of the products I didn’t see up close and personal
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A recap of the 2023 tech world

When the old year ends and the new year starts, I like to do both a backward look at what happened in the tech year in the past year, as well as what trends are emerging for the upcoming year. So I’ll ring this year in with a summary of a few articles I saw that recapped 2023.
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