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How smart is your shopping cart?

For Thanksgiving, some shoppers will no doubt be shopping the old-fashioned way,. Others will be doing self-checkout, doing their own RFID scanning and bagging. Still others may find themselves pushing an AI-powered smart cart.
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The Future of Embedded Processing Technology

My last two posts have been about some high-level tech trends. Here, I take a look at some trends that are closer to home, with my summary of (and take on) a piece by TI’s Sameer Wasson “3 trends impacting the future of embedded processing technology.”
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Tech in the Classroom

While virtual learning is the educational tech use case that, thanks to covid, comes first to mind, there are many ways that technology is deployed in the classroom,
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Car Talk

Some of today’s most compelling technological developments are happening in the automotive realm, which works for me, given my interest in both technology and cars.
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Agricultural Technology

Emerging technology in the agricultural arena is helping tackle myriad environmental, economic, and food security issues as the world population increases and places greater demands on the agricultural industry to operate in a more productive and efficient manner.
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A Different White Coat Effect

As the earth continues to heat up, most scientists predict that there’ll be more and more of what would have once been considered weather anomalies – the new normal will be abnormal. The good news is that there are many technologists focusing on ways to remediate the effects of global warming.
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