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Canon 35MMFHDXS Evaluation KitThe Canon 35MMFHDXS Evaluation kit features an ultra-high sensitivity 2.76 MP (19um) industrial CMOS image sensor for low light imaging

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The Canon 35MMFHDXS Evaluation kit features an ultra-high sensitivity 2.76 MP industrial CMOS image sensor from Canon. The sensor’s enormous 19µm pixels, which minimize noise and dark current and allow control over readout position and frame rate, make the 35MMFHDXS and LI3030 unique in capabilities among all other CMOS sensors for low light imaging. The camera is available with an AIA USB 3.0 Vision Interface (U3V), and a video output interface.

Combined with Critical Link’s software tools designed for our Arria 10 based processor card, the Canon 35MMFHDXS Evaluation Kit makes sensor evaluation and product integration quick and easy. Critical Link also supports a board set version of the camera for customers designing their own mechanicals or managing other integrations; contact us for more details.

Evaluation Kit Contents

The Canon 35MMFHDXS Evaluation Kit allows integrators and end users to assess sensor performance and provides assets for image system designers to help accelerate development time. The Evaluation Kit features a camera with a pre-installed 35MMFHDXS or LI3030 19µm, 2.76 MP CMOS sensor with raw data serial output via a USB 3.1 (Gen 1) interface. The evaluation kit has an open architecture design and gives developers the option to embed processing and software with the on-board ARM and FPGA*.

The 35MMFHDXS Evaluation Kit includes:

  • Evaluation camera with pre-installed sensor (mono, RGB, or RGB-NIR )
  • Accessory package for out-of-the-box operation (quick start guide, power supply, all necessary cables)
  • Embedded software to setup the sensor, acquire image data, and communicate over USB 3.1 interface with any USB 3 compliant UI
  • PC-based UI application available for download to communicate with the camera
  • Sensor board design files source code*
  • VHDL code for the FPGA*

*Source code and VHDL code only available upon request with an NDA

NOTE: A Lens is not included in this kit.

As the lens plays a critical role in any imaging system, it is imperative that a suitable lens is selected to properly evaluate sensor performance for your end application.

When selecting an appropriate lens, there are several key factors which must be considered: Lens Type, Lens Mount, Focal Length, Sensor Size, Resolving Power, and Aperture to name a few of the more important ones. Some of these factors are associated with your application, and some are directly tied to how the CMOS sensor will perform.


  • Defense
  • Astronomy
  • Scientific & medical imaging
  • Industrial R&D
  • Night Vision
  • Surveillance & security
  • “Big Science” telescopy
  • Neuroscience
  • Fluorescence imaging/microscopy
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Microscopy
  • Machine vision



Sensor Specification

Sensor Canon 35MMFHDXS Canon LI3030
Active Pixels 2160 (H) x 1280 (V) 2160 (H) x 1280 (V)
Pixel Size 19µm x 19µm 19µm x 19µm
Image Area
41.04mm (W) x 24.32mm (H)
41.04mm (W) x 24.32mm (H)
Frame Rate (Rolling Shutter)
Dark Random Noise 2.2e rms @ gain x16 3.4e rms @ gain x16
Mono or Color
Mono or RGB-NIR

On-board Processor (MitySOM-A10S)

CPU Engine
Intel/Altera Arria 10 SoC – Dual core ARM and up to 480KLE FPGA fabric
Full Featured SDK
Supports rapid application development


  • Full cameras feature a standard F mount lens, while the board set version allows quick and easy custom integration into your product. Please contact Critical Link for more information.


-30°C to +80°C
<80% non-condensing


12 VDC

Block Diagram

Block Diagram for Canon 35MMFHDXS Evaluation Kit with 19um CMOS image sensor







  • Measurements are in millimeters
Dimensions (with Compact Enclosure)
119.3mm x 119.3mm x 98.6mm  (4.7″ x 4.7″ x 3.9″)
Weight (with Compact Enclosure)
1105g (39oz)


MityCAM image acquisition can be done with MityViewer, Critical Link’s software solution for optimal throughput and complete functionality.

We recommend visiting the MityCAM wiki page on our engineering support site and registering for an account in advance of receiving your MityCAM. Once your registration is confirmed, you can download the latest version of our MityViewer software from the wiki page, which will be required to start capturing images.

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The following table lists off-the-shelf configuration options for the 35MMFHDXS Evaluation Kit. For shipping status, availability, and lead time of these or other configurations, please contact Critical Link.

 Kit Part Number 
Interface Option
Sensor Option
35MMFHDXS-UM-C-S USB 3 + Video output Mono Buy
35MMFHDXS-UC-C-S USB 3 + Video output Color Buy
LI3030-UM-C-S USB 3 + Video output Mono Buy
LI3030-UI-C-S USB 3 + Video output RGB-NIR Buy