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MitySOM-C10G System on ModuleProduction-ready Cyclone 10 GX System on Module

Product status: Prototypes Available



The MitySOM-C10G series of highly configurable, small form-factor System-on-Modules features an Intel / Altera Cyclone 10 GX field programmable gate array (FPGA) and include on-board power supplies, NOR FLASH and DDR3L memory subsystems. Using a NIOS II Softcore processor, the MitySOM-C10G provides a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for a low cost integrated embedded system.

The MitySOM-C10G has been designed to support several upgrade options. These include various FPGA densities, speed grades, and operating temperature specifications (including commercial and industrial temperature ranges).


  • Embedded Co-Processor
  • Test and Measurement
  • Embedded Instrumentation
  • Industrial Automation and Control
  • Industrial Instrumentation
  • System IO expansion
  • Embedded Imaging



Cyclone 10 GX FPGA – F780 Package

  • Up To 220K Logic Elements (LE)
  • Up to 192 DSP Logic Blocks
  • Up to 300Mhz Fabric Clock
  • Up To 11.7Mb Embedded Memory
  • Up To 4 fractional synthesis PLLs
  • Up To 6 IO PLLs


  • Up To 1GB DDR3L at 7.45 GB/sec

4 Banks of FPGA IO

  • 192 Direct Connect FPGA IO pins
  • 70 true LVDS pairs
  • 8 LVCMOS, LVDS, SSTL-18, and 1.8V HSTL IO standards supported.
  • 8 Clock Input Pins

Up to 12 Transceiver Pairs

  • Speeds up to 12.5 Gbps
  • PCIe Gen2 x4 hard IP block
  • 4 Clock Inputs

Integrated Power Management

  • Single +5V Input for on-board needs
  • Bank IO Voltage Configured for 1.8V
  • Bank IO Reference Voltage at 0.9V


  • 260-Pin Card Edge Connector
  • 144-Pin Board to Board Connector (bottom side, not shown in figure)
  • Small 70mm (2.75”) x 60mm (2.4”) size

Additional Details

  • JTAG Interface Available on Edge Connector
  • 2 channels of ADC input
  • On-Board 100 MHz clock
  • Configuration Status and General-Purpose Tri-Color LEDs


Block Diagram

Block diagram of Critical Link's MitySOM-C10G, a System on Module featuring the Altera Cyclone 10 GX FPGA








Dimensions Length Width
Inches 2.75 2.4
Millimeters 70 60


Top side diagram of MitySOM-C10G, a System on Module featuring the Altera Cyclone 10 GX FPGA









Bottom side diagram of MitySOM-C10G, a System on Module featuring the Altera Cyclone 10 GX FPGA









Development Kits


Development Tools

Development Tools

Technical Support

Our customers benefit from engineering and applications support for the life of their product. This includes free, lifetime access to our technical support site, as well as access to application engineering resources and other services.

  • Visit our MitySOM-C10G Intel / Altera Cyclone 10 Wiki to access:
    • Linux OS and board support package details, including source code
    • Product change notices
    • Base board design guide
    • Development kit base board design files
    • Software guide to getting started, tool chain, tips and how-to’s
    • Hardware power draw, pin outs, shock and vibration, CAD files, mechanical drawings and 3D models
    • Frequently asked questions
  • Visit our MitySOM-C10G Intel / Altera Cyclone 10 GX Forum (coming soon) to access:
    • Software, Hardware, and FPGA forums
  • Intel / Altera Cyclone 10 GX Documentation

Critical Link’s embedded design team also offers engineering services and other support options such as:

  • Schematic design review for customer designed carrier boards
  • Complete design review services
  • Software development services, including custom BSP development
  • Base board development services
  • Systems Engineering, Software, and Hardware Design to support your project anywhere in the product development lifecycle

Contact us for more information on these services.


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The following table lists the standard configurations for Critical Link’s Cyclone 10 GX modules. For shipping status, availability, and lead time of these configurations please contact Critical Link at info@criticallink.com.

Module P/N Speed 
NOR Temp Buy
C10G-8R-4XA-RI 8 1 GB 105 32MB -40C to 85C Buy
C10G-6T-4XA-RI 6 1 GB 220 32MB -40C to 85C Buy


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