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Production-Ready Solutions

Critical Link SOMs are production-ready options for embedded development teams taking their next design to market. But what exactly does “production-ready” mean?


Advantages of a Production-Ready SOM:

  • Production-Ready compositeWhether you order 5 or 5,000, you can depend on availability
  • Built for long term production, with 10-15 year availability from product release
  • Professionally supported, directly by the team who developed it
  • Our SOMs are not a reference design; they are designed for long life in the field with 24/7 operation
  • Lifetime product maintenance with published PCNs, meaning no unexpected rev changes
  • Commercial and industrial temps
  • Conveniently available through distributors you’re already doing business with
  • 100% US-based development and assembly
  • Escrow service available for all designs to minimize possible impact from unexpected circumstances

>>Download these advantages as a PDF