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MityDSP-6711F Development KitMityDSP SoM

Product status: End of Life – Contact info@criticallink.com for information


In order to facilitate faster time to market, Critical Link developed a family of off-the-shelf hardware modules that provide a wide range of flexible I/O and data acquisition capability that is ready to roll with the MityDSP-6711F SoMs. The MityDSP-6711F Development Kit provides a 5″x7″ mother card that includes a MityDSP interface socket, a 10/100 Ethernet PHY, 6 Mbit USB PHY, and RS-232 drivers for communications, an LVDS LCD interface connector, an 8 channel analog to digital converter and an 8 channel digital to analog converter to get you started.

The mother card also provides additional Hirose connectors for add on modules as necessary for specific application needs. The Hirose connectors provide direct FPGA interface to the MityDSP, allowing customization of the motherboard configuration. Critical Link provides several modules and cores that integrate directly with the available MityDSP Core FPGA and DSP libraries. In addition, custom modules may be developed (by Critical Link, or a third party) to suit a particular need. This technique greatly reduces the scope of non-recurring engineering, as less focus is place on common infrastructure and more on your particular application needs.


Additional documentation available through Critical Link:


Dimensions Length Width
Inches 7.00 5.00
Millimeters 177.80 127.00

Compatible SOM Modules

Compatible Expansions

Part Number Features Form Factor Links
MDK4-RS232 Pair RS-232 Line Drivers MDK4  PDF
MDK4-RS485 Pair RS-485 Line Drivers MDK4  PDF
MDK4-microSD MicroSD / SD Flash MMC Interface MDK4  PDF
MDK4-SDEXT SD Flash panel mount extender board N/A  PDF
MDK4-PROTO Prototyping board with MDK Hirose connectors MDK4  N/A
MDK8-A3967 Dual Axis Stepper Controller Module MDK8  PDF
MDK8-ADS8329 1.25 MHz 15 Bit ADC Module MDK8  PDF
MDK8-DigIOISO Isolated digital I/O card MDK8  PDF
MDK8-DigIOTTL Non-Isolated digital I/O card, TTL compliant MDK8  PDF
MDK16-AWG Dual channel 50 MHz, 14 Bit DAC waveform generator MDK16  PDF
MDK-DisplayAssy3.5 MDK QVGA 3.5″ Display Assembly with Touchscreen N/A  PDF

Technical Support

Our customers benefit from engineering and applications support for the life of their product. This includes free, lifetime access to our technical support site, as well as access to application engineering resources and other services.

  • Visit our MityDSP C6xxx Wiki to access:
    • Linux OS and board support package details, including source code
    • Product change notices
    • Base board design guide
    • Development kit base board design files
    • Software guide to getting started, tool chain, tips and how-to’s
    • Hardware power draw, pin outs, shock and vibration, CAD files, mechanical drawings and 3D models
    • Frequently asked questions
  • Visit our MityDSP C6xxx Forum to access:
    • Software, Hardware, and FPGA forums
  • TI E2E Forums

Critical Link’s embedded design team also offers engineering services and other support options such as:

  • Schematic design review for customer designed carrier boards
  • Complete design review services
  • Software development services, including custom BSP development
  • Base board development services
  • Systems Engineering, Software, and Hardware Design to support your project anywhere in the product development lifecycle

Contact us for more information on these services.



Dev Kit Module P/N Buy
80-000346 6711-AA-1X1-RC Buy

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