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MDK ModulesFor our MityDSP (6711 and 645X based SoM)


Part Number Features Form Factor Links
MDK4-RS232 Pair RS-232 Line Drivers MDK4  PDF
MDK4-RS485 Pair RS-485 Line Drivers MDK4  PDF
MDK4-microSD MicroSD / SD Flash MMC Interface MDK4  PDF
MDK4-SDEXT SD Flash panel mount extender board N/A  PDF
MDK4-PROTO Prototyping board with MDK Hirose connectors MDK4  
MDK8-A3967 Dual Axis Stepper Controller Module MDK8  PDF
MDK8-ADS8329 1.25 MHz 15 Bit ADC Module MDK8  PDF
MDK8-DigIOISO Isolated digital I/O card MDK8  PDF
MDK8-DigIOTTL Non-Isolated digital I/O card, TTL compliant MDK8  PDF
MDK16-AWG Dual channel 50 MHz, 14 Bit DAC waveform generator MDK16  PDF
MDK-DisplayAssy3.5 MDK QVGA 3.5″ Display Assembly with Touchscreen N/A  PDF


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