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RS232 Expansion KitAdd-on Module


The RS232 Expansion Kit is compatible with Critical Link’s line of MitySOM and MityDSP based development kits; one is required to interface with this expansion kit and all MitySOM/MityDSP based System on Modules support this kit.

The RS-232 Expansion Kit provides a standard serial interface at data rates up to 115,200 baud. The serial interface is routed to one of the UART serial ports of MitySOM/MityDSP depending on the Expansion Header used on a MitySOM/MityDSP based Development Kit.

Technical Documents


Dimensions Length Width
Inches 1.80 1.21
Millimeters 45.72 30.73

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Expansion Name
Part Number Mouser Digikey Avnet Arrow
Single RS232
80-000541 buy buy buy *

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