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Isolated PROFIBUS/RS485 Expansion KitAdd-on Module


The PROFIBUS/RS485 Expansion Kit is compatible with Critical Link’s line of MitySOM based development kits; one is required to interface with this expansion kit. Specific MitySOM based System on Modules support PROFIBUS. All MitySOM based System on Modules support RS485, see the tables below for details concerning SM and Development Kit support for PROFIBUS.

The PROFIBUS/RS-485 Expansion Kit provides standard serial interface at data rates up to 115,200 baud. The serial interface is routed to the UART2 serial port of MitySOM / MityDSP through the Expansion Header on a MitySOM based Development Kit.

The galvanic isolation is provided by a dedicated TI ISO1176 transceiver. The ISO1176 is powered by an isolated power supply with 1000V isolation from the primary supply. There is also a 220ohm bus termination resistor that can be selected by placing jumper JP500.

Supported Modules

Module Type PROFIBUS Support RS485 Support
MityDSP-L138 Yes Yes
MityDSP-L138F Yes Yes
MitySOM-1808 No Yes
MitySOM-1808F No Yes
MitySOM-3359 No Yes



Dimensions Length Width
Inches 2.18 1.21
Millimeters 55.37 30.73

Compatible Development Kits

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