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MitySOM-AM62 & AM62A Development KitDevelopment Kit for MitySOM-AM62 & -AM62A, featuring Texas Instruments Sitara AM62xx or AM62Ax, quad core Cortex-A53 ARM at 1.4GHz, and DDR4



The MitySOM-AM62 & AM62A Development Kit supports Critical Link’s MitySOM-AM62 and MitySOM-AM62A products, a family of modules based on Texas Instruments Sitara AM62xx.

Each kit includes a compatible MitySOM-AM62 or AM62A module (see Purchase table below for compatible modules) and a base board that together feature an array of interfaces and expansion headers including MIPI, Dual USB 2.0, Micro USB 2.0, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, Dual 10/100 Ethernet, HDMI, Dual CAN Bus, Audio In/Out, Dual OLDI/LCD Output Adapter, USB Debug UART, Micro SD Card, and WiFi/Bluetooth Module Adapter.

Development Kit Contents

  • MitySOM-AM62 Base Board
  • MitySOM-AM62 or MitySOM-AM62A Module (See “Purchase” below)
  • Micro USB Cable for Debug Console
  • Ethernet cable
  • Power Supply
  • USB Drive with Development VM and Documentation
  • Quick Start Guide

Documentation available through Critical Link:

Block Diagram

Click on image below to view the block diagram of the Development Kit:







Annotated Photos

Click on thumbnails below to view an annotated photo of the MitySOM-AM62 Development Kit:











Dimensions Length Width
Inches 5.98 4.49
Millimeters 152.0 114.0







Compatible SOM Modules


Technical Support

Our customers benefit from engineering and applications support for the life of their product. This includes free, lifetime access to our technical support site, as well as access to application engineering resources and other services.

Critical Link’s embedded design team also offers engineering services and other support options such as:

  • Schematic design review for customer designed carrier boards
  • Complete design review services
  • Software development services, including custom BSP development
  • Base board development services
  • Systems Engineering, Software, and Hardware Design to support your project anywhere in the product development lifecycle

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