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At Critical Link, we spend a lot of time thinking about processors, and some of that thinking is around ARM vs. RISC-V Instruction Set Architectures, or ISA’s, which are basically the go-between between hardware and software.
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After a decade, there’s a new Arm architecture

Early this year, after nearly a decade since the release of the Armv8, Arm introduced its new Armv9 architecture. This new architecture is in response to the ever-increasing demand for the specialized processing required to keep up with the explosive growth of the Internet of Things, AI applications, and 5G.
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Gazing into the crystal ball for 2019

It’s always good to start off the new year by looking into the crystal ball and trying to figure out what’s going to happen moving forward. Here, I’m looking into the crystal ball via a report that the folks at ARM have recently published. Their 2019 Technology Survey & Predictions: Yes to More Tech, Yes […]
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