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Critical Link Introduces Agilex 5 SoC FPGA Solutions

Syracuse, N.Y. – April 30, 2024 Critical Link, LLC, a leading US-based manufacturer of FPGA, DSP, and CPU-based System on Modules, is pleased to announce new embedded solutions around the AgilexTM 5 SoC FPGA E-Series from Altera®. Critical Link is developing two product families around the Agilex 5 SoC FPGA E-Series: a single board computer and a system on module (SOM) family.

The MitySBC-A5E single-board computer was developed as part of the Agilex 5 SoC FPGA Early Access Program and will be the first to market. The MitySBC-A5E features a 32mm x 32mm Agilex 5 SoC FPGA E-Series with 656K LE FPGA fabric, dual-core Cortex-A55, dual-core Cortex-A76, PCIe 3.0, and 24 transceivers up to 17Gbps. The board includes 8GB LPDDR4 for the HPS, 8GB LPDDR4 for the FPGA, 64GB eMMC, microSD, and QSPI NOR for configuration. A rich set of interfaces, including 8 MIPI x4 lanes, 2.5G Ethernet, FMC, USB-C & USB 2, among others, make this a powerful solution for embedded product development teams working on next-generation industrial performance applications.

The MitySBC-A5E will be available as a development kit as well as a production-suitable single-board computer for customers interested in achieving first-to-market advantages with the high-performance, low-power Agilex 5 SoC FPGA. The product datasheet and other documentation are available today, and customers will benefit from Critical Link’s engineering and application support for the life of their product.

“Critical Link has been partnering with Altera and Intel for more than 10 years, helping customers reach the market fast with next-generation products based on the latest FPGA technology,” says Tom Catalino, Vice President and Founder of Critical Link, LLC. “We are excited to lead the next wave of FPGA-based designs and bring the Agilex 5 SoC FPGA power and performance advantages to our customers.”

Following the introduction of the single board computer, Critical Link is bringing the MitySOM®-A5E family of system-on-modules to market later this year. The MitySOM-A5E family will offer a wide range of FPGA densities, memory configurations, optional transceivers, and temperature ranges all in a compact 51mm x 71mm (2.0” x 2.8”) form factor to fit most applications. These modules are designed for long-term availability and support, meaning customers can confidently design them into long lifespan products in the test & measurement, medical/scientific, defense, and energy/utilities industries. 

Prototypes for the MitySBC-A5E will be available in Q2 2024, with production in early 2025. System on Module prototypes are expected later this year with production to start in 2025.


For more details on the MitySBC-A5E Single Board Computer, visit: https://www.criticallink.com/product/mitysbc-a5e-single-board-computer/.

For more details on the MitySOM-A5E System on Module family, visit: https://www.criticallink.com/product/mitysom-a5e/.



Critical Link, LLC (Syracuse, NY www.criticallink.com), founded in 1997, develops system on modules (SOMs) for electronic applications. Our MitySOM® and MityDSP® families incorporate the latest FPGA, DSP, and CPU technologies, and are designed for long product lifespan and performance in the field. We supply OEMs in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, medical, scientific, defense, and energy/utilities. We ship worldwide and are franchised with many of the top electronics distributors. 

Critical Link, LLC, is privately held and is ISO 9001:2015 Registered by SRI Quality System Registrar. Critical Link is a Gold-level member of the Intel® Partner Alliance.


*Altera Agilex 5 FPGA D-series (A5D031, mid-speed grade) vs. AMD/Xilinx Versal (VM1102, -3HS speed grade) at 90% utilization, 600-Mhz, using vendors power estimator calculators.

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