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Partnership with A.R. Bayer DSP Systeme brings Critical Link SoMs to Central Europe

System-on-Modules from Critical Link are now available in Central Europe through A.R. Bayer DSP Systeme. These small, highly integrated modules combine fast processors (ARM or DSP) with a powerful FPGA for a maximum of performance and flexibility.ARBayer_web

MityDSP and MitySOM System on Modules are building blocks, serving as the foundation for your custom electronic design. The SoMs have a long lifetime and come with the tools and the support needed to ensure your product success. MityDSP and MitySOM Families along with their associated low-cost Development Kits and Expansion Kits enable you to quickly reach your design goals. The all-new Altera-SOC based MitySOM-5CSX features two 925MHz ARM Cortex-A9, a large FPGA fabric, 2GB of DDR3 memory, an abundance of interfaces and much more – all on a 32cm² SO-DIMM card. Other modules boast C6000 DSP, Sitara or OMAP from Texas Instruments, also available in combination with Xilinx FPGA.

About Critical Link

Syracuse, N.Y.-based Critical Link (www.criticallink.com) is an embedded systems engineering firm, offering a broad range of highly customizable, small-form factor SOMs and development kits for highly integrated, embedded systems for medical, scientific, and industrial applications. Critical Link’s end-to-end product engineering offerings include design, development, and production services. Critical Link is a member of the Altera Design Services Network, a Platinum Partner of the TI Design Network, and a certified member of the Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) network.


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