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Critical Link MitySOM-5CSX Now Available Through Distribution

Syracuse, NY (January 23, 2014) – Critical Link has announced the availability of its premier Altera Cyclone® V SoC based System on Module (SoM) through the company’s distribution partners Arrow, Digi-Key and Mouser.

The MitySOM™-5CSX features the Altera Cyclone V System-on-Chip, which combines FPGA logic and a dual-core ARM Cortex™-A9 processor subsystem. The MitySOM-5CSX provides a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for high-throughput, highly integrated embedded systems.

“Our SoMs have always been about giving customers design flexibility and multiple options to achieve the performance their applications demand. The MitySOM™ and MityDSP® SoM families include an array of DSP, ARM, and FPGA options suitable for today’s complex electronic products,” said Critical Link vice president Tom Catalino. “We’re excited to work with a great partner like Altera.”

Adding Cyclone-based SoMs broadened the number of applications Critical Link’s SoMs can support, which now includes machine vision, industrial automation and controls, test and measurement, scientific imaging, medical instrumentation, defense/security, and a variety of motor control applications. The MitySOM-5CSX offers advantages for data intensive applications in these markets where other products don’t achieve the required throughput.

In addition to the Cyclone V SoC, the MitySOM-5CSX includes NOR FLASH and DDR3 RAM memory subsystems. The SoM is capable of running a rich set of real-time operating systems containing the software applications programming interfaces expected by modern system designers. These operating systems include Linux, QNX, and Windows Embedded Compact.  The original module design has been updated to production silicon, making it ready to be delivered to end customers in OEM products, available in Q1.

In addition to the MitySOM-5CSX, Critical Link also offers off-the-shelf development kits for customers to experiment with the technology before locking down their design. Development kits include a baseboard for “plug and play” access to the SoM, with common interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, CAN, USB, HSMC, and SD Card.

Since establishing relationships with top electronics component distributors, Critical Link has experienced tremendous growth in its line of SoMs, both in the US and Worldwide.

About Critical Link

Syracuse, NY-based Critical Link is an embedded systems engineering firm. It offers a broad range of highly-customizable, small form factor SoMs that provide a complete and flexible CPU infrastructure for highly integrated embedded systems. Critical Link’s end-to-end product engineering offering includes design, development, and production services. Critical Link is a member of the Altera Design Services Network, a Platinum Partner of the TI Design Network, and a certified member of the Arrow Consulting Engineering Services (ACES) network.