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What I missed at CES 2018

I’m always curious about what goes on at CES, the mega consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas every January. Consumer is not the market we typically plays in, but the types of technology that make their way into consumer applications are also found in industrial and scientific applications.
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Tech Trends 2018

Like everyone else in the world, when the new year rolls around, I start thinking about what’s going to happen in this bright and sparkling new year. And I’m curious about what others are saying about what’s going to happen.
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An anti-poaching collar: yet another interesting application using sensors

Ákos Lédeczi is a professor of computer engineering at Vanderbilt, and George Wittemyer teaches in Colorado State’s department of fish, wildlife and conservation biology. They’re designing an anti-poaching collar designed for use with big game in Africa, which they wrote about in an EE Times article.
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Sensor Proliferation

Two things that tend to capture my interest in an article are sensors and cars, and Bill Schweber’s entertaining post in a recent EE Times featured both. So I was entertained.
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Looking back on 20 great years

Hard to believe, but it was twenty years ago this past summer that four young (or youngish) embedded systems engineers –  John Fayos, Omar Rahim, Dave Rice, and myself – got together and founded Critical Link.
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Weather Forecasting

Over the past month or so, I’ve been keeping my eye on the news about hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose, and Maria...What’s most interesting to me in all this is, of course, the underlying science and technology of weather forecasting.
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