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See Spot run!

I’m a dog person. I was going to say that I’m also a robot person, but that would sound like I’m saying I’m a robot. So not true!...Because of these dual interests, I was of course interested in the news that Boston Dynamics’ robotic dog will become commercially available next year.
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Keeping Cool with the Embr Wave

I’m always on the lookout for novel and interesting gadgets, so I was happy when a friend in Boston pointed the Wave from Embr Labs my way. The Wave is a wearable, a device you wear on your wrist – remember your wrist? That part at the end of your arm where you used to wear […]
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Embedded Computing for High Performance: Power & Energy Consumption

Earlier posts in this series on "Embedded Computing for High Performance" focused on target architectures and multiprocessor and multicore architectures; core-based architectural enhancement and hardware accelerators; and performance. In this installment, we cover power and energy consumption.
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Just What Is Embedded Imaging

We're often asked just what embedded imaging is so we've put together a brief video that provides a high level explanation of a technology that's becoming increasingly prevalent across a broad range of applications.
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