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DSP/BIOS Operating SystemFor our MityDSP SoMs


The MityDSP family of System on Modules are fully compatible with the Texas Instruments Real-time Operating system for the TI family of DSPs. This operating system, which is provided with the Texas Instruments Code Composer Studio, is a full featured RTOS that is royalty free.

Some information about the Operating System is provided here, but a full overview of the operating system is provided on TI’s website.

DSP/BIOS Features

  •     Pre-emptive Multi-tasking
  •     Semaphores
  •     Mailboxes
  •     Queues
  •     Resource Locks
  •     Periodic functions
  •     ISRs – four interrupt lines for externally triggered Interrupt Service Routine
  •     Software signals
  •     Software trace log
  •     Static and Dynamic Memory management
  •     C++ compliant

The MitySOM-335x, MityDSP-L138 and MitySOM-1808 series of CPU Engines also support the ThreadX Real Time Operating System from Express Logic for use on the ARM9 processor.

ThreadX Features

  •     Small Footprint
  •     Fast Response
  •     Instant On
  •     Complete Multitasking Facilities
  •     Preemption-Threshold
  •     Priority Inheritance
  •     Dedicated ISR stack
  •     Flexible Memory Utilization
  •     Run-time Performance Metrics
  •     And more…

The MitySOM-5CSX series of CPU Engines will feature QNX Real Time Operating System support.

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