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Success Stories


Guidance Automation: Accelerating Development of Autonomous Technology

GuidanceAutomationGuidance Automation was developing a number of autonomous technology products simultaneously with aggressive price targets and get-to-market timeframes. To accomplish their goals, the engineering team needed a development platform that was easy enough to support multiple projects, and reliable enough to take into production…More



SAAB Sensis: Enabling Industry-Leading Intellectual Property

SaabSensis_216x185Developing industry-leading IP was the driver for Saab Sensis’ recent decision to use Critical Link’s MitySOM-5CSx System on Module in the development of the newest generation of their ground based air traffic management sensor, a state-of-the-art product that receives the signals transmitted by aircraft for the purpose of locating them in space…More


Bristol Instruments: Long-Lasting Products Create Long-Lasting Partnerships

In 2005, when Bristol Instruments was just a small start-up, they began working with Critical Link to develop their first product: a Michelson interferometer-based wavelength meter. Roughly 10 years later, Bristol is a world leader in optical interferometer-based instrumentation — and they’re still working with Critical Link to create new products…. More


Teletronics: Elastic Technical Resources with the Right Expertise

TeletronicsCaseStudyTo be successful in increasingly competitive markets, companies must be ready and able to seize opportunities when they arise. That’s exactly what Teletronics Technology Corporation of Newton, Pennsylvania did – with the help of Critical Link’s engineering expertise…. More



UrsaNav: Precision Requirements for Maritime Navigation

Ursanav-Case-StudyUrsaNav is a diversified technology company dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to complex engineering and information technology problems. UrsaNav prides itself on its inventive designs and quick turn-around solutions. Its principal areas of focus include radio, radar, 3-D Sonar and inertial navigation; Low Frequency position, navigation and timing solutions; radar navigation and surveillance… More

Software Defined Radio using uPP for Data Transfer


Critical Link has developed numerous products based on the OMAPL138 from Texas Instruments using the MityDSP-L138(F) family of products. We have found one of the most useful interfaces for data acquisition on the OMAPL138 device from Texas Instruments to be the uPP (Universal Parallel Port) interface… More


BioTools ChiralRAMAN ROA Spectrometer

BioTools-Case-StudyBioTools develops dedicated instrumentation designed for spectroscopic studies of biomolecules. With a “dare to create” focus, they build products that help solve some of life’s most intriguing bio-problems, enabling molecular scientists to perform analysis and research that results in breakthrough findings… More