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TI Announces Sitara AM57x

Don’t know if you caught TI’s announcement last week, but there’s a new kid in town in their Sitara processor family.

“Sitara AM57x processors are designed for a broad range of embedded and industrial applications through their unique heterogeneous architecture including ARM Cortex -A15 cores for high-performance processing and running a high-level operating system (HLOS). Additionally, AM57x processors integrate TI’s C66x digital signal processors (DSPs) for analytics and real-time computation, programmable real-time units (PRU) and ARM Cortex-M4 cores for control functions, and video and graphic accelerators for advanced user interfaces and multimedia applications.” (Source: TI news release)

TI believes that the AM57x will be a game changer for the embedded market. Time will tell if this turns out to be the case, but this SoC is certainly going to pack a performance punch. As we continue to see the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) evolve, there will certainly be demand for the advanced SoC offers. Beyond the industrial IoT, the applications that the AM57x is aimed at include factory automation, machine vision, human machine interface, robotics, and medical imaging.

Along with the Soc, TI is bringing out a new Processor SDK which will work across TI’s Sitara and DSP portfolios.

We’ve worked with the Sitara family before. Our MitySOM-335x is based on the Sitarta AM335x ARM Cortex-A8-based processor, and the MitySOM-1808 features the Sitara AM1808 ARM-based CPU.

The AM57x is generating plenty of interest, and some of our clients have been talking to us about it. We have no immediate plans for building a SoM based on the AM57x, but we’re keeping an eye on it, and an ear to the ground for opportunities.