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How the MityDSP L138+FPGA SOM is being used

One of the things that keeps life interesting at Critical Link is seeing how our customers are utilizing our system-on-modules in their products. While the MityDSP-L138+FPGA – part of our OMAP-L138 family of SoMs – has been available for a few years, our customers are still coming up with innovative ways to use it. Here are a couple of them.

RF-based position tracking: This customer wanted to focus their engineering team on what sets them apart in the marketplace, which is position tracking that uses Wi-Fi and is three dimensional. They left the background processing of the inputs to the Mity. The application consists of a target on the back of a tablet. You turn on the tablet camera and the app augments reality based on your location. You look “through” the tablet and see a different view of your world. The technology is very exciting, and there many different potential uses for it: gaming, surgery, architectural design, virtual tours. We’re looking forward to seeing where it all ends up!

We also have a customer that’s developing a visible light communications technology that delivers a high-speed, bidirectional networked, mobile communications. It does this in a way that’s similar to Wi-Fi. Essentially, it uses the visible light spectrum instead of radio frequencies to enable wireless data communication. Our SoM will be part of the data transmission system.

We’re excited about both of these uses of the MityDSP-L138, and proud to be behind the scenes in these leading-edge applications.