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Timesys and Critical Link Announce Linux Solution for OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9™ processor-based System-on-Module

Syracuse, NY and Pittsburgh, PA – August 14, 2013 Critical Link and Timesys Corporation today announced they are partnering to provide developers building embedded devices around the Critical Link MityDSP-L138(F) System-on-Module (SoM) with an easy-to-use, affordable Linux toolset that enables maximum embedded platform and application customization and reduces time to market.

Critical Link’s MityDSP-L138(F), with optional FPGA, is designed for those looking to supplement ARM® with DSP processing.  It features the dual-core OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9™ processor—which includes a C674x fixed-and floating-point DSP from Texas Instruments (TI). When combined with the optional on-board Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA, the MityDSP-L138(F) can be used for cost-sensitive applications requiring fixed function co-processing and power management in markets including industrial automation, communications and telecom, and medical. In addition, there are also plans for LinuxLink to be supported on Critical Link’s MitySOM-1808, a SoM-based on TI’s Sitara™ AM1808 processor. LinuxLink is currently available on the MitySOM-3359, based on TI’s Sitara AM3359 processor.

Timesys’ LinuxLink for MityDSP-L138(F) enables quick and easy design, development, deployment and debugging of an embedded product based on open source Linux. MityDSP-L138(F) developers can download a free board support package and matching software development kit (BSP/SDK) and get support for build and boot issues by registering for a LinuxLink FREE Edition account  here. For developers requiring maximum customization and control of their Linux platform and value-add application, Timesys’ commercially supported LinuxLink Pro Edition provides developers with a comprehensive development toolset, and it includes unmetered, expert support for all phases of their product development lifecycle.

For development teams requiring advanced engineering expertise, Timesys offers just-in-time professional services and customized training courses.

“We are pleased that Timesys has extended its embedded Linux support for the TI OMAP-L138 processors to include the MityDSP-L138(F),” said Critical Link vice president Thomas Catalino. “On top of the development jumpstart that our SoM provides, Timesys’ easy-to-use LinuxLink suite of tools and expert support will even further accelerate development, helping our customers bring feature-rich HMI-based products to market in the shortest time possible.”

“Timesys is pleased to add the Critical Link MityDSP-L138(F) to the growing list of TI platforms supported by our LinuxLink product offering,” stated Maciej Halasz, director of product management at Timesys. “With LinuxLink for MityDSP-L138(F), developers can leverage the advanced customization capabilities of our easy-to-use tools and support and confidently bring to market products that leverage the processing power and low power consumption of the TI OMAP-L138 processor.”

“Companies like Critical Link and Timesys are essential to the model of our design network,” said Tom Kelly, director of TI’s Design Network “Their modules and software make it easier for TI customers to design and get to market quicker.”

To learn more about Timesys’ support for Critical Link’s MityDSP-L138(F), including device drivers enabled, please visit the Timesys development center.

About Timesys
Timesys is the provider of LinuxLink, a high-productivity software development framework that dramatically simplifies and speeds up embedded Linux application development and product lifecycle maintenance. A total solution that fits teams of all sizes and experience levels, the LinuxLink framework includes pre-tested software, powerful development tools for building feature-rich applications and debugging, and live, expert support. For more information, visit www.timesys.com. Timesys is a platinum member of the TI Design Network.

Timesys Press Contact
Theresa Kisha
Tel: +1.412.325.6362
Email: theresa.kisha@timesys.com

About Critical Link

Critical Link is an innovative electronics product development company that helps its customers develop award winning products in a broad range of industries.  Its MityDSP and MitySOM System on Modules (SoMs) consistently demonstrate the ability to reduce product development cost and accelerate time to market.  For more information on Critical Link’s SoM family, visit www.mitydsp.com. Critical Link is a platinum member of the TI Design Network.

Critical Link Press Contact
Thomas Catalino
Tel: +1.315.425.4045 x201
Email: tom.catalino@criticallink.com


About the Texas Instruments Design Network
Timesys and Critical Link are members of the TI Design Network, a premier group of independent, well-established companies that offer products and system-level design and manufacturing services complementing TI’s semiconductors to a worldwide customer base to accelerate product innovation and time-to-market. Network members provide product design, hardware and software system integration, turnkey product design, RF and processor system modules, reference platforms, software development, proof-of-concept design, feasibility studies, research, certification compliance, prototyping, manufacturing, and product life cycle management. For more information about the TI Design Network, please visit www.ti.com/designnetwork.

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