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Expanding LinuxLink support

We’re happy to let you know that we now have Linux Link support for the MityDSP-L138(F), our System-on-Module (SoM) based on TI’s dual-core OMAP-L138 DSP + ARM9 processor. LinuxLink is a Linux toolset from our partner Timesys, and enables quick and easy design, development, deployment and debugging of an embedded product based on open source Linux.

The MityDSP-L138(F) which has an optional Xilinx FPGA – that’s what the (F) stands for –  is ideal for cost-sensitive applications that need fixed function co-processing and low power consumption. The markets where we’re seeing demand for it include industrial automation, communications and telecom, and medical.

Interested MityDSP-L138(F) developers can head over to Timesys to download a free board support package and matching software development kit (BSP/SDK). They can get support for build and boot issues just by registering with Timesys. (There’s also a LinuxLink Pro Edition for those who need maximum customization.)

In the works: LinuxLink support on MitySOM-1808, a SoM-based on TI’s Sitara AM1808 processor. LinuxLink is already available on the MitySOM-3359, which is also based on a TI Sitara processor.

With embedded Linux support, our customers get an additional jumpstart to the one that working with a SoM provides, even further accelerating product development.  And in today’s ultra-competitive environment, we all know how important it is to get applications to market fast.

To learn more about LinuxLink for the MityDSP-L138, click here.