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Redesigned MityDSP Web Site Launched

Syracuse, NY – March 15, 2006 – Critical Link today unveiled a new web site, www.MityDSP.com , dedicated to their MityDSP Systems business. This business combines Critical Link’s embedded electronic systems consulting with custom, off-the-shelf design and manufacture of CPU engines for a broad range of applications.

“Over the last several years, our work on DSP-based engines has grown to an increasingly important segment of our business,” said John Fayos, Critical Link’s President. “Having a web site focused solely on our MityDSP Systems works reflects this growth.” The new MityDSP web site will serve as an information resource for prospects. Plans for the site include the addition of an on-line customer support center and the creation of a general information resource for companies considering use of DSP in their products.

Critical Link anticipates accelerated growth in their MityDSP business. This is in keeping with industry forecasts that predict significant growth in DSP usage. An IC Insights report, quoted in a recent edition of Electronic Systems and Software, forecasts a 9 percent rise in 2006, followed by an 18 percent increase in 2007 and a 27 percent surge in 2008. While these forecasts are based primarily on an increase in use of DSP in high-volume consumer applications, such as DVD players and digital cameras, Critical Link believes that the forecasted growth rates are a good proxy – and may, in fact understate – projected use of DSPs in the scientific applications that are their “bread and butter.”

Based in Syracuse, New York, Critical Link has been providing custom electronic product development solutions since 1997. Critical Link provides engineering services from turnkey product development to surgical strike projects, with a specialization in embedded systems.