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Stereo Vision Development KitAccelerate the development of vision applications

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The Stereo Vision Development Kit by Critical Link, in collaboration with Texas Instruments, is a complete hardware and software framework designed to accelerate the development of vision applications. The framework offers both a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA and a TI OMAP-L138 dual core processor, and is based on Critical Link’s production-ready MityDSP-L138F System on Module (SoM).

The kit leverages algorithms optimized for real-time performance on the OMAP L138 processor. Specifically, the algorithms running on the DSP estimate the disparities between the left and right image pixels and outputs a dense disparity/depth map at frame rate. Starting from this 3-dimensional description of the scene, customers can develop their own depth-based analytics solutions. The SVDK Software Development Kit also provides examples of adding your own custom DSP or FPGA vision algorithms, as well as the development environment to do so.

If your application requires a custom stereo camera with some up-front processing, the SVDK provides a complete customization ready framework that gives you access to:

  • FPGA for low-level control and processing
  • DSP for disparity calculation towards 3D depth
  • ARM for communications and user interface

For those requiring a single-sensor only, Critical Link also offers the single camera MityDSP-L138 Vision Development Kit.


  • Stereo VDK Flyer
  • Stereo VDK User Guide/Overview – TBD
  • Stereo VDK Quick Start Guide – TBD
  • SVDK Camera Expansion Board – TBD
  • Carrier Board Design Guide – TBD

Compatible Sensors

  • 0.3 MP Monochrome

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