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BootloaderFor our MityDSP (6711 and 645X based SoM)


Each MityDSP module is provided with an on-board, full featured bootloader. This bootloader is programmed into the flash with it’s own FPGA firmware image, this combination allows for safe programming of the application in the MityDSP, since programming of a bad application image (or FPGA image) will not damage the bootloader images the MityDSP will always boot and be recoverable through the MityDSP GUI.

The MityDSP Bootloader supports multiple sets of Application and FPGA images in flash. This unique feature allows you to provide separate applications for different functions in your device, you might have a standard application and a diagnostic application, for example. Using the software API’s in the MityDSP the software programs can boot from one image to another very easily and conveniently. Or, use this feature to upgrade your customers application images without removing the old ones — just in case!

Over and above initializing the hardware in the MityDSP, Some of the features of the MityDSP Bootloader include:

  •     USB and RS-232 communications with the MityDSP GUI
  •     Command line interface
  •     Ethernet communication with the MityDSP GUI for faster downloads of application software and firmware
  •     Application software and firmware can be loaded using HTTP, post your images on your web site and have your customer point their MityDSP at it and they will automatically upgrade their software.
  •     Configurable boot timeout
  •     Support for up to 8 Application Software and corresponding FPGA images


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