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Sustainability Policy


Critical Link, LLC is interested in contributing to an eco-friendly environment. In that vein, we encourage our employees to reduce/reuse/recycle/repurpose and conserve wherever and whenever possible.

Critical Link, LLC promotes the following:

Conserve energy:

  • Employees should use the energy settings on their computer and other equipment to power down after short durations of time of non-use (Set to “standby”)
  • Employees have use of washable mugs and dishes and can substitute the same for disposable paper products
  • Critical Link, LLC encourages the use of biodegradable paper products whenever available
  • Employees are encouraged to turn off lights when they leave their offices or conference rooms or are the last to leave the building
  • Critical Link, LLC encourages car pooling, public transportation and bike riding to and from work and work-related functions
  • Critical Link, LLC purchases Energy Star branded appliances whenever possible

Conserve paper:

  • Critical Link, LLC does any and all advertising electronically so readers have the option to print or not
  • Published materials are also available online offering the reader the option to print or not
  • Employees are encouraged to ask themselves if printing is necessary
  • Critical Link, LLC is encouraging going digital
  • Critical Link, LLC looks for and purchases products with the least packaging when making purchases

Conserve water:

  • Employees are encouraged to conserve water whenever possible
  • Employees are to inform the office manager of any leaks in toilets or faucets during office hours in order that building maintenance can be notified. In the event that the leak happens after normal business hours or on weekends, employees are encouraged to call building maintenance and leave a detailed message regarding the issue at hand
  • Employees may use the dishwasher to wash dishes in bulk and run the dishwasher when filled


  • Critical Link employees are encouraged to recycle all paper, cardboard, aluminum, plastic, glass, bottles, cans, etc. whenever possible.  To that end, a paper recycling bin is provided for each office/cubicle and larger bins for bulk recycling are provided throughout the office
  • Critical Link employees are encouraged to dispose of non-alkaline batteries properly; a box is used to collect the same and is located in the lab area
  • Ink and toner cartridges are returned to the manufacturer or a local office supply store for proper recycling
  • All computer equipment is taken to a local recycling center or is picked up by an establishment that will recycle the equipment
  • Critical Link, LLC purchases office equipment (used copiers) and furniture that has been gently used whenever possible

In an attempt to brighten the office environment, improve employee health and workers’ morale and make visitors feel more welcome, Critical Link, LLC has provided office flora and encourages “green” initiatives.

CP003 (Revision 1)