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Bare board cost: the effect of HDI and layer count

BareBoard Cost DriversAs we did earlier in the year, we had an opportunity to post an article on the ARM Connected Community site, an information-sharing forum for those interested in ARM. Our post, the Effect of HDI and layer count on bare board cost, appeared yesterday.

The article was in response to a questions we’re asked pretty often: how do you cost-out the differences between a single board chip-down solution and a solution that incorporates a SOM. We got some board prices and did our analysis, and were surprised – make that shocked – at the delta between bas board costs for a 12-layer HDI board and those for a 6-layer board that leverages a SOM. We were also interested to learn that board size was pretty much irrelevant.

The post is not particularly ARM-related, so even if you’re not doing ARM developement, you might want to check out the post and see what our analysis found.