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Engineering Support Hits –and Passes- a New Milestone

More and more often we are hearing from customers that the responsiveness and support provided by our engineering team is head and shoulders above most others in the industry. To be honest, we never really understood what the big deal was. There are a lot of good engineering teams out there who take pride in their work and customer relationships. And while I always thought we were in the ranks of one of those, lately I’m starting to think there may be more to it.

Part of what’s got my attention is that our engineering support site has recently passed the 1000 registered users mark. This wasn’t a milestone we ever anticipated reaching when we first launched the site a few years ago. And the trend isn’t slowing down. In the time it took me to get this post together, the 1000 user mark is already in our rearview mirror.

Now, 1000 users may not seem like a big number to some companies, but most of what is available on our site does not require registration, so it’s a significantly smaller subset of folks who sign up. Without a username and password, engineers can review forum posts for previously asked questions and access product documentation on wikis, including support for build flow, software, FPGA/VHDL, and hardware design. Sample projects for our MitySOM and MityDSP products are also made available without registration.

So why would anyone need to register at all? Two main reasons: (1) to interact with our engineers directly by posting on the forums, and (2) to access additional product documentation, like baseboard schematics and SOM pin maps.

Another important thing we’ve learned? There are quite a few companies who attach strings to their engineering support. In some cases people are only allowed access once they have made a purchase, and then their support is limited to 1 year post-purchase. We believe it’s important for companies to get a sense of who they’re working with before they buy, and luckily for us, looking at recent trends, it seems like our customers agree!