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If You’re Around: TI Tech Days

We’ll be participating in some upcoming TI Tech Days, so if you’re going to be there, please swing by and say hello.

We’ve done a number of these Tech Days, and our customers have been pretty positive about them.

This is what TI says about these events:

See the latest cutting-edge analog and digital technologies across a wide range of applications. Hear in-depth insights, receive hands-on training and walk away with samples and discounted tools to help solve your technical design challenges and accelerate your time-to-market.

Technical sessions on a variety of topics: Amplifiers & Data Converters – Digital Signal Processing – Microcontrollers – Wireless Connectivity Solutions – Power Management – Video

What we say about them is that they’re lower key and not as overwhelming as a mega-trade show, so you really get to drill down on topics that interest you and spend quality time with TI folks and vendors like us. Usually our customers describe it as a great use of their time. That’s because the  training that TI provides during these events is focused on making sure that the attendees walk away with new skills and knowledge for solving real-world problems, as opposed to simply hawking the latest products with a day-long sales pitch.

Anyway, here’s where we’ll be over the next couple of months:

Boston (actually, Framingham)  – September 19th

Detroit (Novi) – September 26th

Anaheim – October 30th

Toronto – November 7th

Just drop by during the exhibition times, or give me a holler at tom.catalino@criticallink.com and we can set up a time to meet.

(There are also a couple of Tech Days – Austin (October 10th) and Santa Barbara (October 29th) that don’t have exhibitors, but if you’re in the area may still be of interest and value to you.)

Sign up for these events is free, by the way.

Looking forward to seeing you.