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Update on the Altera-Based Mity

Since a lot of you have been asking, and there is great interest in this new Critical Link product, I wanted to give a brief progress report on where things stand.

First off, to lay the groundwork, we’re coming up on shipping  our first Altera-based SoM – the MitySOM-5CSX, which is based on the Altera Cyclone V SoC. We believe that this new SoM will provide you with an excellent choice for high-throughput applications, and applications requiring a tight integration of ARM Cortex-A9 and FPGA fabric. (You can read more about it in this earlier post.)

Anyway, we are very pleased to announce that the SoM is up and running, the baseboard is in and up, and we’ve been through basic hardware bring up and checkout on both boards (to varying degrees depending on the board). The system boots through uBoot to a Linux prompt! While we’re still hammering away on the DRAM to insure that signal integrity is where it needs to be, the memory is, so far, looking good.

As always, we’re doing a lot of testing along the way, and are continuing to bring up (and test) the interfaces.  So far, we’re good to go with a number of interfaces, including the gigabit Ethernet, which is showing excellent performance.

We’re still on track for a September release, and availability through Arrow Electronics before the third quarter is out. So stay tuned. We’re very excited about this product and hope you are too!