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Partner Focus: LS Research

When we build our SoM’s, we rely on our partners for the best available components.  For WiFi, that partner is LS Research.

LS Research focuses on advanced embedded wireless solutions for the industrial, medical, consumer, and defense markets, which are pretty much the markets that Critical Link serves, as well.  We embed their TiWi WiFi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth module – which is FCC/IC/CE/C tick certified –  in the MitySOM-335x Display and WiFi Development Kit.  As more and more applications start using wireless communications, you can expect to see more wireless support for our SoMs. (For starters, we will be announcing shortly that WiFi will now be available onboard the MitySOM-335x SoMs, which means less hardware work for our customers developing wireless apps.)

Anyway, when it comes to WiFi, LS Research are the experts. (And, like Critical Link, they’re a Platinum Partner of the TI Design Network, which is a highly selective group of companies that work with Texas Instruments’ processors.)

We want to give them a shout-out today to let you know that LS Research has a webinar coming up that might be of interest.

“Are You Bluetooth Smart” is being held on Thursday, August 15, at 11 a.m. Central, and will focus on Bluetooth Low Energy – which is not just a low energy version of Bluetooth Classic, but a different protocol entirely.

The webinar’s free, and you can register here.  If they ask, you can tell them that Tom Catalino sent you.