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Altera-Based Mity in the Works

Not sure if you saw our recent announcement that Critical Link is developing our first Altera –based module. Our new SoM, the MitySOM-5CSX features the Altera Cyclone V SX-U672, which combines FPGA logic and a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor subsystem.  We’ve added in NOR FLASH and DDR3 RAM memory subsystems. This is a great addition to the Mity family, and is part of our continued commitment to giving our customers choice.

We see this new board as a good choice for high-throughput applications like machine vision, test and measurement, scientific imaging, medical imaging and instrumentation, military/aerospace, and a variety of motor control applications.

Some of the features that support these high-throughput applications:

  • High-Bandwidth System Interfaces

–          Six 3.125 Gbps transceivers

–          PCIe Hard Core

–          Up to 145 I/O, many supporting 875MHz SerDes

–           2 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces

  • High-Bandwidth On-Chip Interfaces

–          102-Gbps HPS-to-FPGA interface

–          102-Gbps FPGA-to-SDRAM Interface

Critical Link has also become a member of Altera’s Design Services Network, and plan on doing more Altera-related SoMs.

Anyway, the MitySOM-5CSX will be available through Arrow Electronics beginning in Q3 2013. Let me know if you want to learn anything more about it.