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How the MityDSP got its name

Every once in a while we’re asked how the MityDSP – the original member of Critical Link’s Mity family – got its name.  Were we paying homage to MIT? (Or to James Thurber’s Walter Mitty, but forgot to add a second “t”?) Does “mity” have some special engineering meaning that only CriticHere he comes, to save the dayal Link was familiar with? Were we thinking of all the Mighty Mites out there – guitar parts, canister vacuums, triathlons, Jeeps, dog gear?

The truth is, we were thinking Mighty Mouse. (And the truth is, we couldn’t spell.)

Mighty Mouse, after all, embodies a lot of what the original MityDSP – and all the other Mity’s that have followed in its path – is about:  packing a lot of power in a very small package. And, for developers who needed embedded, customizable computing, the MityDSP, like Mighty Mouse, comes to save the day. It may not be saving citizens of Mouseville, but for our customers, the day is saved in terms of speeding up development and lowering costs.

By today’s standards, the original MityDSP may no longer seem as mighty as it did a decade ago.  The speed, memory, and throughput of the system on modules that have followed it far surpass what the first MityDSP could do.  And we’ve branched out to include ARM-based SoMs in our family as well. (You’ll find a quick comparison chart here.)

Anyway, while we may not have got our initial spelling right, our Mity family has kept with the original problem:  small in presence, mighty in power, flexibility, and quality.