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Partner Focus: Timesys for Embedded Open Source Linux

In developing our System on Modules (SoMs), we look to incorporate the best available hardware and software components – components that support the purpose of each SoM, and that are produced by partners that share our commitment to quality.  Our MitySOM-3359 SoM is embedded in a lot of applications that require sophisticated UIs and 3-D graphics.  For us, that means Linux.

Providing general Linux support isn’t the primary focus of our business. So we knew we wanted to work with a partner with expertise in supporting commercial-strength embedded Linux, a partner that could support the types of apps that use the MitySOM – industrial, instrumentation, medical, commercial, transportation, and agricultural applications, integrated into bench-top, handheld, kiosk or mobile devices.

The partner we chose to join forces with was Timesys. Like Critical Link, Timesys is a platinum member of the TI Design Network, a group we’re very proud to be a part of, so we knew that Timesys meets TI’s high standards. (Okay, that’s a plug for us, too…)

And from a product standpoint, Timesys has an embedded Linux software development framework, LinuxLink.  We liked LinuxLink because it has the advanced customization capabilities our customers were looking for. Having access to LinuxLink is important, because the learning curve for Linux can be steep. Setting up a development environment and building a customized root file system and kernel is a real challenge if you haven’t done it before.  Timesys provides an easy (and free) way to do all this. There is a free version of LinuxLink which allows you to build a custom BSP/SDK that includes a kernel, toolchain, root file system and gives you access to lots of open-source software packages. And with it, you get to use Timesys’ TimeStorm IDE for application development and debugging for 30 days. (You can register for the BSP/SDK here.) There’s also a PRO Edition of LinuxLink for developers looking for advanced customization and integration of their Linux platform, and with the PRO Ediction, you get support from Timesys whenever you need help.

The end result of Critical Link and Timesys joining forces? Our customers get their applications to market faster, without sacrificing on quality or on the customization capabilities they need.

Just wanted to let you know so you can go check Timesys out…