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MityDSP Plays Key Role in R&D100 Award

Critical Link Customizable CPU Embedded Platform Plays Key Role in Selection of Nanoscale Thermal Analysis Product for R&D100 Award

Syracuse, NY – January 10, 2008 – Critical Link, LLC, a Syracuse, NY-based electronics development consulting firm, announced today that, for the second time, a product using its MityDSP® embedded platform is the recipient of an R&D100 Award. The nano-TA® (nanoscale thermal analysis) sub-100 nm (SPELL OUT) local thermal analysis product from Anasys Instruments Corporation received this prestigious award from Research and Development Magazine, which annually designates “the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace over the past year.”

The Anasys Instruments nano-TA® is used for thermal analysis of polymer blends and thin films in the polymer and pharmaceutical industries. The nano-TA® employs the Critical Link MityDSP® for high speed data collection and analysis. MityDSP® is a customizable off-the-shelf CPU platform with configurable I/O. A high-performance, small form-factor processor card, MityDSP® is used in a broad range of instrumentation applications.

“We congratulate Anasys Instruments for winning the R&D 100 Award,” said Tom Catalino, Critical Link Vice President of Engineering. “And we are proud of the role that Critical Link and the MityDSP® are playing in the most innovative products coming to market today.”

“The R&D 100 Awards are like the ‘Oscars of Invention’,” said Kevin Kjoller, Anasys Instruments co-founder and Vice President of Research & Engineering. “And, when you win an Oscar, one of the things you do is thank those who’ve helped you along the way. In our case, Critical Link is one of those we want to thank. From a time and cost point of view, using the MityDSP® in the nano-TA® made a lot of sense. We initially contacted Critical Link with a focus on the off-the-shelf DSP platform. But, after initial discussions, we determined that they could design a custom IO solution for us that would integrate our processing, data collection, and communication needs.

“We believe that we saved significant time to market vs. creating our own processing engine in-house. And working with the Critical Link engineers was a pleasure. They truly treated our product as if it were their own and became a genuine extension of our engineering team.”

The Anasys Instruments nano-TA® was also selected by R&D Magazine as one of the top 25 micro-nano products for 2007.

In 2004, BioTools ChiralRAMAN ROA Spectrometer received an R&D100 Award. The MityDSP® was the embedded processing engine in this product.

For more information about Critical Link, LLC and its MityDSP, visit www.CriticalLink.com or www.MityDSP.com.

For more information about Anasys Instruments Corporation and its products, visit www.anasysinstruments.com.


About Critical Link, LLC

Syracuse, New York-based Critical Link provides electronics product development services to a broad range of industries, including scientific instrumentation, manufacturing instrumentation, test & measurement, communications, and defense.


About Anasys Instruments Corporation

Located in Santa Barbara, California, Anasys Instruments Corporation is the pioneer in the field of sub-100nm thermal property information. The Company’s technology and products are being used to address metrology and analysis challenges in the polymers, pharmaceuticals, data-storage, and advanced-materials markets.




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