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MitySOM-5CSx Embedded Imaging Dev Kit for Basler DartThe fastest path for embedded imaging application development


The MitySOM-5CSx Embedded Imaging Development Kit is a complete hardware and software framework designed to accelerate the development of vision applications. The kit offers an Intel/Altera Cyclone V SoC processor with integrated dual core ARMs and FPGA fabric, and is based on Critical Link’s production-ready MitySOM-5CSx System on Module.

The kit provides the fastest path to embedded imaging application development. Users are given the advantage of:

  • On-board image processing with FPGA fabric and dual core ARMs
  • Rapid prototyping using Altera’s VIP Suite and OpenCL
  • Integration with Basler’s BCON Dart series, featuring sensors from e2v & ON Semiconductor
  • Basler’s user-friendly pylon Camera Software Suite, included free
  • A variety of communication interfaces

Development Kit Contents

The kit includes everything you need to initiate development of your embedded imaging project:

  • MitySOM-5CSx Base Board with SOM (5CSX-H6-42A-RC)
  • Basler BCON Dart camera (See options in Purchase tab below)
  • BCON Adapter Board
  • LVDS cable
  • Display Port Adapter Board
  • S-mount lens (Evetar M12B1618WM12 F1.8 f16mm 1/2″)
  • Mounting bracket and mini tripod
  • MitySOM USB Blaster-II Adapter Board
  • USB Mini-B Cable (Console Serial Port)
  • Power Supply
  • SD Card with pre-loaded Linux OS
  • USB Drive with Development VM and Documentation


Technical Documents

Additional documentation available through Critical Link:


Compatible Cameras


Technical Support

Our customers benefit from engineering and applications support for the life of their product. This includes free, lifetime access to our technical support site, as well as access to application engineering resources and other services.

Critical Link’s embedded design team also offers engineering services and other support options such as:

  • Schematic design review for customer designed carrier boards
  • Complete design review services
  • Software development services, including custom BSP development
  • Base board development services
  • Systems Engineering, Software, and Hardware Design to support your project anywhere in the product development lifecycle

Contact us for more information on these services.

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Part Number Camera Included
Sensor Resolution Frame Rate
dart daA1600-60bc e2v EV76C570 1600px x 1200px 60 fps
dart daA1280-54bc Aptina AR0134 1280px x 960px 54 fps
dart daA2500-14bc Aptina MT9P031 2592px x 1944px 14 fps

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