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If you’re looking for an innovative electronics product development company, you’ve found it. We’re embedded systems experts who’ve been partnering with our customers to deliver simple solutions to complex problems since 1997. We pioneered (and perfected) the concept of System on Modules and Scientific Cameras for OEMs, and offer a wide range of customizable embedded products—and the service and support to back them up.

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Would you like fries with that new technology?

If you’re doing any driving through fast-food restaurants these days, you’ve probably seen some of the workers communicating via head sets. What you don’t see is that one of our SOM’s may be part of the behind the scenes technology.

Digital technology comes to the NFL (sort of)

The NFL will be issuing tablets for the players and coaches to use on the sidelines to review (and annotate) pictures of plays. But the laptops will have limited functionality: no video, no Internet, and the NFL will keep them under lock and key between games to that no team tampers with them.