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If you’re looking for an innovative electronics product development company, you’ve found it. We’re embedded systems experts who’ve been partnering with our customers to deliver simple solutions to complex problems since 1997. We pioneered (and perfected) the concept of System on Modules and Scientific Cameras for OEMs, and offer a wide range of customizable embedded products—and the service and support to back them up.

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Mapping out autonomous driving

I’m intrigued by the technology that will be deployed [in self-driving cars], so I was interested to see an article in Tech Times the other day on Civil Maps. They’re a Silicon Valley startup that does 3D-mapping. The company just announced an investment round of $6.6M. Ford is one of the investors.

Robotic technology comes to the world of furniture

The MIT Media Lab spin-out that’s been getting some press lately is Orisystems, which describes itself as “the brawn and brain of the furniture and architecture of the future.” The systems that Ori designs – and the name, by the way, is taken from origami, the Japanese paper-folding art – are built for micro-living.

The Internet of Tomatoes

As we’re nearing that great time of year when local farm stands (and neighbors’ backyard gardens) have local tomatoes, I couldn’t resist what appears to be an advertiorial by Analog Devices (a.k.a. ADI) that appeared in a recent Technology Review. I mean, how could I pass up a piece entitled “IoT: The Internet of Tomatoes”?

UL and the IoT

Earlier in the year, the UL published a cybersecurity standard “for the testing and certification of connection devices.” UL 2900 aims to address what has been one of the more significant barriers to wider spread IoT adoption: security.