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If you’re looking for an innovative electronics product development company, you’ve found it. We’re embedded systems experts who’ve been partnering with our customers to deliver simple solutions to complex problems since 1997. We pioneered (and perfected) the concept of System on Modules and Scientific Cameras for OEMs, and offer a wide range of customizable embedded products—and the service and support to back them up.

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Eye Spy

As a replacement for passwords, all eyes seem to be turning to iris-scans and/or facial recognition. And one of the technology leaders here is FotoNation, the company that – bless them – came up with the algorithms that cameras and smartphones have been using for years to eliminate “red eye” photos.

ARM in Space

Like most “science kids”, I grew up interested in rockets and space exploration. I haven’t completely outgrown it – does anyone ever? – so it was not surprising that a recent blog on EDN by Rajan Bedi, Spacecraft data handling using ARM-based processors, caught my eye.