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If you’re looking for an innovative electronics product development company, you’ve found it. We’re embedded systems experts who’ve been partnering with our customers to deliver simple solutions to complex problems since 1997. We pioneered (and perfected) the concept of System on Modules and Scientific Cameras for OEMs, and offer a wide range of customizable embedded products—and the service and support to back them up.

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Chip news, from NASA and Intel

When it came to chips, last week was a big one for news. First, we learned that NASA has produced a new chip that will be able to withstand the extreme conditions on Venus. The other chip news of the week was Intel’s decision to go through with plans to build a new chip factor in Arizona.

GotProduce?’s got plenty of technology in their hydroponic systems

One company that’s involved in hydroponics – and which makes greenhouses that are highly-evolved solution from the technology perspective – is GotProduce?, which focuses primarily on developing countries, especially those that are most susceptible to drought.
GotProduce? systems are “smart”, full of all sorts of technology to help ensure that growers succeed.