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5CSx Debug Adapter BoardAdd-on Debug Adapter Board


The MitySOM-5CSx Debug Adapter board for the MitySOM-5CSx Family of SOMs allows for access to both the HPS (ARM) and FPGA JTAG chain debug interfaces. Each compatible System on Module includes a 31-pin Hirose connector which this adapter board connects to.

Note that this adapter does not support TRACE capabilities. Please contact your Critical Link representative for information about a TRACE capable adapter.

Critical Link recommends that a USB-Blaster, USB-Blaster II or EthernetBlaster II Download Cable be used from Altera for debug, configuration and programming of the MitySOM-5CSx.

Recommended Emulators:

  • FPGA and HPS JTAG Emulator: USB Blaster I or USB Blaster II









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5CSx Debug Adapter
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