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WQVGA 4.3″ LCD w/ Touch Screen Expansion KitAdd-on Module


This expansion kit is compatible with Critical Link’s MitySOM-1808 and MityDSP-L138 based development kits; one is required to interface with this expansion kit. This expansion kit adds a 4.3″ 480×272 pixel Wide Quarter VGA (WQVGA) LCD display to the development kit. This expansion kit features a NEC NL4827HC19-05B display that includes the necessary controller board to interface with the 24-pin LCD connector on a supported development kit.

Configuration and setup information for use with Critical Link’s development kits can be found in the data sheet for this expansion kit.



Dimensions Length Width
Inches 4.68 2.8
Millimeters 118.87 71.12

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WQVGA 4.3″ LCD Kit 80-000536 Buy

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