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Analog IO Expansion KitAdd-on Module


This expansion kit is compatible with Critical Link’s MityDSP-L138F based development kits; one is required to interface with this expansion kit. This expansion kit adds both low-speed and high-speed digital-to-analog (DAC) and analog-to-digital (ADC) converters to the standard MityDSP-L138F Industrial IO Development Kit. The expansion board includes:

  • Quad channel 16-bit low-speed DAC
  • Dual channel 14-bit high-speed (options up to 275MSPS) DAC
  • 16 channel low speed (1.8K – 23.7K SPS) ADC
  • 16 bit single channel high speed (40MSPS) ADC (80MSPS available)
  • 7 External GPIO pins
  • One External I2C bus interface

To speed the development process while utilizing this expansion kit Critical Link also includes a Linux based software and firmware SDK in addition to example FPGA source code.

Configuration and setup information for use with Critical Link’s development kits can be found in the data sheet for this expansion kit.

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Industrial IO Analog Expansion 80-000643 *

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