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The three embedded market trends you should be considering

Last week, we posted an article on the ARM Connected Community site. Our post wasn’t ARM-specific, but was rather our take on the trends we’re seeing in the embedded market (including ARM, of course). Anyway, I thought you’d be interested in what we had to say, so we’re running the article here, as well.
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More on ARM and the Internet of Things

We didn’t attend last week’s ARM TechCon, so I didn’t get to hear Mike Muller, ARM’s CTO give his keynote. One of his focuses was on the security issue, but he also talked about the adoption of ARM-based servers and other ARM-related topics.
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TI Announces Sitara AM57x

Don’t know if you caught TI’s announcement last week, but there’s a new kid in town in their Sitara family: the high-performance Sitara AM57x processors.
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ARM and the Internet of Things

Dave Blaza, on the ARM Connected Community, had a couple of interested articles on the topic of ARM and the Internet of Things.
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Big news on the semi-conductor front

This week's announcement that Intel will acquire Altera is especially interesting to Critical Link, as we are an Altera partner. We're looking forward to seeing what innovations come out of this.
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Advanced processing for ADAS

For really smart cars, ARM has predicted that, by 2024, vehicles deploying Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) will need a minimum of 100x more computing performance than 2016 models do.
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