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What you missed if you weren’t at ARM TechCon, Part Two

Last week, we began summarizing Rich Quinnell’s EE Times article on the new technologies that caught his eye at the recent ARM TechCon Conference. That post covered the first five of Rich’s “ten most intriguing technologies.” Here we’ll take care of the second half of the list.
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What you missed if you weren’t at ARM TechCon

We weren’t at the recent ARM TechCon, but are always interested in hearing about what’s new with ARM. So we were happy to see Rich Quinnell’s account (on EE Times) on the new technologies he saw there. Here’s part one of my quick summary of Rich’s article
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ARM in Space

Like most “science kids”, I grew up interested in rockets and space exploration. I haven’t completely outgrown it – does anyone ever? – so it was not surprising that a recent blog on EDN by Rajan Bedi, Spacecraft data handling using ARM-based processors, caught my eye.
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